Social Fresh Conference

Working in social media is chaos. Our founder Jason Keath is known to compare working in social to riding a pony through a bouncy castle.
 It s fast paced, chaotic, and hard to keep up with. But when you get everything dialed in just right, the results can be huge.
 Social Fresh is where the world s top social media marketers go to get inspired.
 Inspiration is essential to education. It is the sunlight that drives our branches to reach out further than we thought possible. It drives us to grow. To do something new.
 We inspire at Social Fresh   with conferences, articles, podcasts, research, and courses.
 We focus on the future of social marketing.
 We work hand in hand with top social marketers from around the world, the biggest and smallest companies. Our goal is to provide best practices and networking opportunities for all businesses working to use social media to better their bottom line