Incredible Omani Food and Attractions in Muscat

On Day 6 of our round the world trip for food, we were Muscat, Oman. We started off visiting some attractions in Muscat like the fish market and souk, then had some amazing Omani food, and visited a couple beaches. The highlight of the day for me was eating Omani street food mishkak and an Omani meal of camel and rice.
 00:51 Chai karak and cheese bread in the car - A common Omani food breakfast is the combination of tea, which is usually called chai karak, and cheese bread. So after meeting up with Mustafa, we had a quick breakfast in the car before driving over to the Muscat fish market.
 2:03 Muscat Fish Market - One of my favorite things to do in any destination is go to the market, and I love fish markets. Muscat, being right along the coast, has plenty of seafood, and so we walked around the Muscat fish market for a while. It s not a huge fish market, but there s plenty to see, and it s a great attraction in Muscat.
 4:00 Muttrah Souk - The Muttrah Souk is the traditional market / bazaar in Muscat, and it s a wonderful place to walk around and get lost shopping and browsing through the narrow alleys. At the Muttrah Souk, Mustafa bought me a kuma, which is a type of hat that s one of the Omani national hats.
 7:42 Al Alam Palace (Sultan's Palace) - After visiting the souk, we drove over the the Al Alam Palace, also known as the Sultan's Palace. Although you can t go inside, you can get a view of it from the outside.
 8:30 Bait Al Zubair Museum - 2 OMR ($5.19) - The Bait Al Zubair Museum is one of the important museums in Muscat and it s a great place to visit to learn about Omani culture.
 9:49 Qantab Beach - There are many beautiful beaches in Oman, and before lunch, we took a drive over to Qantab Beach just to take a look. Qantab Beach is spectacular with sparkling clear water.
 11:11 Bait Al Luban Restaurant - For lunch we went to an Omani food restaurant called Bait Al Luban Restaurant. Located near the fish market, it was a former inn that s now been renovated into a restaurant that serves traditional Omani food and some fusion modern Omani food. The restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists, and although it was a little fancier than I had expected, it was very nice, and the food was delicious. Shuwa is one of the Omani food national dishes, include lamb and rice, and that was one of the best dishes of the meal.
 19:13 Qurum Beach - After resting for a while in the afternoon, we then headed to Qurum Beach, one of the main beach attractions in Muscat that s right within the city. It s a great place especially when the sun dies down in the late afternoon.
 20:03 Al Seeb for Mishkak - There s not a lot of Omani street food when you re walking around Muscat, but a short drive away is Al Seeb, and there are some stalls that are famous for serving Mishkak, which is Omani style grilled meat on skewers. All the mishkak was delicious, but I especially liked the mutton liver mishkak.
 24:43 Camel Restaurant - I m not sure what the name